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Come & Be Featured – Interview with A Lovely Naturalista


Hello My Dears & Hope all is well.

Would you like to interviewed to share your personal experience, trials, journey and advice that you have learned during the years? Let viewers see pictures of your stunning tresses? If you are interested, then by all means, check out the below questions and send your answers and pictures to me via email:

Thank you so much for participating, so let us get started and have fun.

  1. Tell us a little bit of yourself, name, where you are from, your hobbies.
  2. What made you return and remain Natural?
  3. Describe your Hair Care Maintenance for your tresses.
  4. Can you name some of the challenges you have faced with your own hair?
  5. Why do you truly love your Natural Hair?
  6. Have you ever dealt with a hair tragedy, how were you able to recover?
  7. How can girls learn to properly care for their own unique natural hair?

Awesome, now please add 3 to 6 pictures of your Beautiful tresses, will add these to your feature post plus where you can be found on Social Media so I can add the links. Features will be posted on WordPress, Twitter and Instagram of Islandkynks. I want our girls to really see what Natural Hair is all about plus each of your amazing potential as a Naturalista so feel free to add any tidbits in your responses to the above question. Any more questions, please feel free to ask in comments.

Have a Great Day and Thank you so much Bella.


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