My Natural Hair Journey

Hello To All My Awesome Followers

Hello Girls,

Hope all is well and great to be writing again.

My apologies as have been attending classes and am currently learning a new language so took me a while to balance out everything but need not fear, here again with you all, hahahahaha. I do miss blogging and sharing my experiences with my awesome audience so hopefully we will be back on track and moving on forward from this point on.

I can’t believe nearly an entire year has gone by since my last post, of course, have tried different products and found some gold ones that will be sharing with you, have tied them out for 1 year and they have worked well so I am for sure sticking to, will be sharing with you of course and remember once you find products that work, stick with them, each of our hair is different so we all have different and unique hair needs.

Some of my girls are also transitioning and thinking had about it and will also be doing interviews with them so that will be most fun to share, those should be coming out in November so do stay tuned for that updates and more fun blogs coming your way.

Take care my dears and hope you enjoy our gorgeous girl pic, done in app InColor.

Yours Truly,

Isle of Azure

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