Natural Hair Blog Feature

Natural Hair Blog Feature – Ms. Ivy Sahara


!!!Hello Loves and Welcome Back to IslandKynks!!!

We have a very special feature today of a Beautiful Natural Hair Princess, whose name is Ms. Ivy Sahara.

Come, let us meet our Darling Little One.

We will find out about her hair care, fav products and how Mama takes care of her little ones gorgeous tresses.



A. Hello little one, what is your name and where are you from? 

A: My name is Ivy Sahara James, and I am from Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras.

B. How much do you love your hair?

A: !!!!!I LOVE my hair!!!!!

C. How does Mommy help you take care of your hair?

A: My Mom spends a lot of time learning how to care of my type of hair. She makes sure to use good hair products for my age. My mom also avoids buying shampoos that are not for kids. 

D. What is your favorite style?

A: I like to wear it in many styles. but leaving it loose is my favorite.

E. What products does Mommy use on your hair?

A: My mom likes to use many products, but the one she prefers is Cantu Shear Butter. 

F. How long does it take to style your hair?

A: My mom takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour styling my hair, depending on the style.

G. What would you tell other kids your age to make them feel good about their hair?

A: I would say that I like their hair as much as I like mine.


Here are some pictures of our beautiful little one from a young age and present:

As a baby girl
Little Baby Ivy
Look at those curls!
Gorgeous Tresses

Thank you Ms Ivy for sharing your amazing story with us and added some unicorns just for you!!!

We can see just how much are you not only love your hair but the time and dedication your Mama also takes to take excellent care of your beautiful natural tresses, even when super tired after a long day or week of work, she takes the time to make sure you and your tresses are well taken care of, the love of a mother knows no bounds. 

So may this serve as an encouragement to all Mamas that work hard to maintain their beautiful kids natural hair. Don’t give up, its not easy but the future is your amazing child loving her or his natural hair and wearing their natural hair crown with love because their parents took the time and love to take care of their hair from a young age. You have help all around you, look for inspiration, ask questions, research, you will find the answers.

Thank you all for visiting and we do hope you enjoyed reading our feature, if you also would like your little one to be featured here on IslandKynks, let me know and we can make it happen, will be fun for you and fun for them!!!!!!!!! Just email me or DM via IG and we will work on so it comes out just perfect. 

Have a Great Evening Loves.

Isle of Azure


Smooches and Hugs to Ms. Ivy

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