Benefits of Fruits for Our Tresses

Benefits of Fruits for Our Tresses – Nance


Hi Dears,

My how fast time flies before us, can you believe we are in October already!!!!!

We have made some changes so will update on those in a bit in this post.

I know, I know, where is the picture of the fruit Nance??? 

Well, could not find any ones I could use, so when the fruit comes in season here, will take a picture for you so you can see what it looks like as its also native to the Tropics here.

Rather hard to find a fruit that starts with the letter “N” that has hair benefits.

So, here is the one article I could find and hope it helps:

Promotes Hair Growth –

“The extract of Nance fruit provides nourishment to the hair and hence it is considered best for hair growth.”

That is it, hahaha, I told you, hard to find but at least we have one to go by.

So, if you ever see this fruit in your local supermarket, try it out if you like.



As you may have noticed, we longer have Instagram as we want to dedicate our full attention to WordPress and to our new IslandKynks Twitter account. 

Each week we will submit a new article of a fruit that is beneficial for our hair.

For next year, still mulling over a few ideas so will see which ones we pick, it will be between recipes we came up for our tresses this year, different styles, or ways you coped with your natural hair during the pandemic, plus which veggies are the best for hair growth and once again, in alphabetical order, can’t wait to do research.

Exciting new topics to come, if you think of any, leave in comments and we will do an article on the ones submitted so we can all participate and help each other out. 

 Thank you for your support & See you next week!

~~~ Isle of Azure ~~~


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