About Me

Island Girl
Island Girl

Hi My Lovely Ladies,

Thank you very much for taking your time to come and look at my blog, hope you have fun and enjoy your time here.

The purpose is to help all natural and transitioning girls have it a little easier when dealing with our hair.

I will be posting various tips for hair growth, products I use & their reviews, styling tips and just fun facts about natural hair.

My hair is 4C, kinky, coily, crimpy, cottony, and with an attitude of her own.

I transitioned for 4 months with 1″ of hair. Presently have been fully natural now for 1 year 7 months, hair length is now 9″.

My journey has been packed with excitement, a lot of patience, tons of protective styles and fun times researching more hair information then I can remember, so will be sharing that with you.

My site name is IslandKynks, Island because I live on on in the Caribbean & Kynks cause my hair is kinky!!!!

Thank you for reading and I wish you happy, healthy hair days!!!!!

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