My Natural Hair Journey – 1 Month After BC

Hi Girls,

This was in March 2012, first time doing 2 strand twists,was a newbie so not that good but practice makes perfect.

First month is fun, was the shortest ever had my hair so it took some getting used to, you know. Regimen was very simple, co-washed every 3 days, applied VO5 Conditioner and Olive Oil, styled with different gels we purchased here on the Island.

Around this time is when I began to look up everything you could think of about natural hair, one of the best sites I found was this one.  Ms. Lisa has helped me tremendously with my hair journey, hands down one of the best sites you will ever find, every time I needed to ask her something, she was right there to help, learned a lot from her, hopefully you will too.

I used her transitioning guide (you can find in the above link) to help me on my journey, and she made it 100 times easier.

Ok dokey, time for some pictures, and here we are ………………………………….

Love Big Dangling Earrings
Love Big Dangling Earrings
Short Hair Days
Short Hair Days

Thank you for reading girls, hope this helps you on your hair journey. Have a lovely afternoon.

“Isle of Azure”

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