My Natural Hair Journey – 11 Months After BC

Hello Bellas,

Here is my 11th month since Big Chop, which is now January 2013.

I have learned the following about my natural tresses:

  1. Love my natural hair, she is unique, gorgeous in her own way, personality 100% , thrives when properly taken care of by owner.
  2. Natural hair does grow, in my case 1/2″ every month, you CAN get 6″ in length every year, takes time, care, and patience.
  3. I transitioned for 4 months, BC after that, takes guts, courage and a helping hand from those who love you the most in your life.
  4. Hair Type is 4C, Kinky, Coily, Ziggly, cottony texture, tightly coiled and wiry, shrinks at 75%, very fragile so requires care.
  5. Water is her best friend, keeps her well moisturized and healthy, use purified bottled water for sprays and mixes, works better.
  6. She loves conditioners, especially VO5 for Co-wash & Tresemme for Leave-Ins, these leave her soft to the touch and less tangled.
  7. Shampoos are a no no, leave her tangled, hard and with 0% moisture, use very rarely, when I do, Deep Condition immediately.
  8. Oils are excellent for natural hair, like: Olive, Coconut, Avocado, Castor, Carrot, Eucalyptus, Mamey, Almond, Soybean.
  9. Butters, Creams & Pomades works best for me, very thick and heavy for my tresses, able to keep her moisturized.
  10. Gels that work are: Eco Styler Argan Oil – leaves her well defined & Aloe Vera Gel – leaves hair extremely soft and chunky.
  11. Used to washed in sections, but now washing in braids, about 10 to 12, that way it makes it 10 times easier for you.
  12. I use NO HEAT at all because I do not want her heat damaged in any way, so no heat at all for these tresses.
  13. Can achieve curl definition only after shingling with gel and left t dry 12 hours in AC with No Touching. Worth It? Nope!
  14. Takes quite a bit for her to dry so will start in the afternoon, she is half dry by the time am ready for sleep, will dry by morning.
  15. Comb with jumbo large teeth plastic comb, have sturdy plastic clips for hair, pink satin bonnet to put her up for the night.
  16. She loves the Winter Months, goes crazy with all the moisture in the air, after a few hours goes POOF! Frizz Central, love it 🙂
  17. Lots of Hair Accessories such as hair bands, flowers, hair clips & pins, hats, scarves, even use necklaces for a fancy do.
  18. Favorite Styles are: Twists, Twists Outs, Bantu Knots, Bantu Knot Outs, Roller Sets, Braid Outs, Afros, Fro-hawks.

So girls, my hair lessons learnt up to January 2013, had good and not-so-good hair , when that happened, here’s what I did:


Hat to the Rescue
Hat to the Rescue


Grab a Scarf & Voila
Grab a Scarf & Voila

Thank you for reading and keep posted for the finale of my 1 year since BC Post!!! Thanks for reading Bellas.

“Isle of Azure”

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