My Natural Hair Journey – 3 Months After BC

Aloha Girls,

Here is my 3rd month since Big Chop, which is now May 2012.

At this point started to look up all kinds of information on how to grow natural hair longer and faster plus what kinds of hairstyles I can start to wear. Wash and Go’s do not work for me at all, so have tried twists, bantu knots, and of course purchasing the cutest accessories at our local supermarket, prices are a dream, like $.50 Cents for each set of cuteness, sweet!!!! 🙂

Stopped using a fine tooth comb for my tresses because they are not having it, begun using a big teeth comb, much better. Have no curl definition at all, have tried to apply gel and shingle but it turns into a mess so not worrying. When I washed, did not section off so was a bit of a hassle, because she would tangle so. Rollers no longer work so adiue to them and absolutely no heat since big chop, not on these tresses, not missing it either, used to burn my scalp too much trying for the straight look, no more!

In all, kinda impatient because I want more length, but it will come in time. Here are some pics of my different looks:

Big Twists
Big Twists
Combed Twist Out
Combed Twist Out


As you can see ladies, slowly but surely she is growing. Thanks for reading and more coming so stay tuned girls.

“Isle of Azure”



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