My Natural Hair Journey – 5 Months After BC

Hi Girls,

Here is my 5th month since Big Chop, which is now July 2012.

Finally starting to achieve some length, YAY! My twists are beginning to hang which is delightful, am getting better at twisting my hair and learning what she likes and hates. Around this time, started to experiment with different gels. In the pictures posted below, you can see my best defined twist out ever, absolutely loved the way the gel left my hair, but the downer is when I used it, caused major shedding so adios! Think it had to do with the protein content in it, maybe my hair could not handle it.

Did not work for me, but may work for you, name is “Wetline Xtreme Professional Gel”. If you choose to try it, please make sure you test it for a week while checking your shedding, to see if you lose more hair than normal. I know one thing, it will define your hair beautifully. Check it out here if you are interested. As always, do your research before using any product.

My hair gel became Eco Styler Gel, hands down # 1 in my book, will do a post about it. In the meantime, pictures ➡

Bantu Know Out
Bantu Know Out
Defined Twist Out - Front
Defined Twist Out – Front
Defined Twist Out - Side
Defined Twist Out – Side

Thank you girls for your time spent reading my posts, much appreciated. Take care and always have fun in your hair journey.

“Isle of Azure”

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