My Natural Hair Journey – 6 Months After BC

Evening Lovelies,

Here is my 6th month since Big Chop, which is now August 2012.

Into twists and twist outs more now, practice makes perfect so am practicing as I go. Kind of at an awkward stage because my hair is just long enough not to be a TWA but not long enough to achieve some of the styles online or on You Tube that am watching, so lots and lots of protective styles. Tried loose braids, but my head looked too scalpy and me no like :), posted a picture below so you can see what am talking about. Around this stage, it seemed like it was taking forever, just hang in there.

Am severely tender headed, too much I think. Mom flat twisted my hair and could only take them in for 48 hours, they were not tight but still had a major headache, was grumpy all day and felt nauseous. So NO flat twists, cornrows or braids for me, sad, oh yes, but I cannot handle the pain, tried many times but just can’t. Started to use Tresemme Conditioner, works really well on my tresses & incorporating Olive & Coconut Oils into my hair regimen also. Here are some pictures of styles done so far:


Too Scalpy for Me
Too Scalpy for Me
Twist Out
Twist Out Shrinkage, oh boy

The journey continues to healthy hair and increased growth girls, thank you for reading and until next time. 

“Isle of Azure”

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