My Natural Hair Journey – 7 Months After BC

Hi Cuties,

Here is my 7th month since Big Chop, which is now September 2012.

At this time, started to use Okra in my hair and saw increased growth, strength, and health. You can read how I use it in my post “Tips for Hair Growth – Okra Fruit” found here. It really helped me so try it out if you want thicker hair. As I progressed, figured had to protect my hair at night somehow so started using Satin Bonnets to protect my tresses and boy did this help. Preserved my styles plus my hair looked better in the morning instead of dry and squished 🙂 have continued to do so since.

Pineappled my hair when I wanted to preserve twists outs or stretched hair, tweaked it for my short hair and did mini ones. Here are some tutorials for you to see which method works for your cute tresses, plus pictures below to show how I did it:

  1. Curly Nikki featured on Essence for Tighter Coils, click here.
  2. Naturally Curly for Loose Curls, click here.
  3. GoodLooknOut for Short, Medium or Longer Hair, click here.


Mini Pineapples
Mini Pineapple
Used Goody Rubber Bands
Used Goody Rubber Bands



Hope this method helps you ladies & thanks for reading.

“Isle of Azure”

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