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Hair Product Review – Castor Oil

  Hello¬†Linduras, One of the thickest oils I know about ūüėÄ Product: Castor Oil Product Price: $1.00 for a 20 ml bottle.¬† Where to Find:¬†Check your local pharmacies, hair product stores, Amazon, Ebay, Supermarkets or ask around at local stores. Directions of Use:¬†Apply to scalp or hair. Personal Use for My Hair:¬†This oil really does… Continue reading Hair Product Review – Castor Oil

Tidbits for Natural Hair

Tidbits for Natural Hair – Growth Phases

Hello My Cute Naturals, Transitioners and Girls thinking about returning natural ūüėĬ† As time goes by noting my own growth and other naturalistas, hair really does grow in phases, these are just 5 things I have noticed: 1ST YEAR - EXTREME GROWTH UPWARD WITH OUR NATURAL HAIR. 2ND YEAR - HAIR NOW CONTINUES¬†TO GROW DOWNWARD.… Continue reading Tidbits for Natural Hair – Growth Phases