Hair Products Reviews

Hair Product Review – Castor Oil

  Hello Linduras, One of the thickest oils I know about 😀 Product: Castor Oil Product Price: $1.00 for a 20 ml bottle.  Where to Find: Check your local pharmacies, hair product stores, Amazon, Ebay, Supermarkets or ask around at local stores. Directions of Use: Apply to scalp or hair. Personal Use for My Hair: This oil really does… Continue reading Hair Product Review – Castor Oil

Tidbits for Natural Hair

Tidbits for Natural Hair – Growth Phases

Hello My Cute Naturals, Transitioners and Girls thinking about returning natural 😀  As time goes by noting my own growth and other naturalistas, hair really does grow in phases, these are just 5 things I have noticed: 1ST YEAR - EXTREME GROWTH UPWARD WITH OUR NATURAL HAIR. 2ND YEAR - HAIR NOW CONTINUES TO GROW DOWNWARD.… Continue reading Tidbits for Natural Hair – Growth Phases